Monday, 9 July 2012

Vamp Yourself for War (Vamp Chronicles #2) by Christin Lovell

Title; Vamp Yourself for War

Author; Christin Lovell

Series; Vamp Chronicles Book Two

Can it stand alone? Nope

Publisher; Still pretty sure it is self published through Smashwords, but not certain

Publication Date; June 12th 2011

Description; Love will be tested and loved ones will be lost as Lexi’s journey carries her directly into battle. She quickly finds that all isn’t fair in love and war, especially when you are dealing with the most powerful and skilled vamps in the world. War brings out the best and worst in Lexi. She will be forced to question not only herself and her relationship with Kellan, but her safety and security in all she’s known until now.

Stars; Four and a half

Would I recommend it? More so than the first.

Review; Hooray! This book was a lot better than the last. The writing seemed to flow easier, the storyline was better, the character's personalities seemed a lot better. There are a lot more positive point about this book than the last!
It's not as if the writing changed overnight, and I'm suddenly a huge fan. Bits and bobs still reminded me of Twilight, but less so. It seemed to take off in it's own direction. Some things I predicted, though I wasn't really given any clues. It seems I'm more engulfed in the story. I'm now actually intrigued to find out rather than feel obliged to as no matter how bad a series I just can't discard it!
Lexi was less "I'm fat boo hoo, now I'm gorgeous yay!" and more "Don't mess with me bitch or I'll rip your head off!" Okay, so both of those are over exaggerated, but she was a more likeable character in this book. Even with the hardships she has to deal with (which still felt a little bit down played to me!)
The story seems to move pretty fast, and that's with both the first and second book. I don't mind a fast paced story now and again, though I understand not all of you are into that, so that is another warning about this series.
This story seems to be getting better, I guess we'll find out after Hit The Road Jack, the third book! Happy Reading!

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