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I'm a Dog, You're a Cat: Love Lessons from Our Furry Friends by Marla Press

Title; I'm a Dog, You're a Cat
Author; Marla Press
Source; NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review
Format; eBook
Publisher; MPressive Results Inc
Publication Date; November 28th 2011
Description; I'm a Dog, You're a Cat is a short, delightfully humorous book filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations that highlight the sometimes quirky personality traits of felines and canines and how they mirror those of humans, especially as it relates to their interpersonal relations. Dog and cat owners who are in relationships will understand and appreciate the correlations and conclusions drawn from this unique comparison. How wonderful it would be if we were able to discover a new insight that helped us all communicate more effectively with the special people in our life. This book will help you identify if you are hard-wired more like a cat or a dog and how to understand that dog or cat in your life. By using a little humor to gain a deeper appreciation of your partner, you can begin to understand their behavior and how to react in those instances when you just don't see eye to eye on things. Visit and take the quiz.
Goodreads Average Rating; 3.50*s
My Rating; 2.5*s

My Review; Are you more of a dog, or cat? You can find out here;

This book is about relationships and how it can sometime feel like you are your partner are speaking a completely different language. Well, maybe you are...
Through a few short, true stories, accompanied by pictures, this book explains how different relationships work when someone is more of a cat or a dog.

The stories were okay, but...felt a little silly, or patronising at times. I mean, this is a book at relationships and so is presumably for adults... It seemed a little childish and I found it boring at times even though it was a short book.

It was an ok read and there's a chance I would recommend it.


My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher

Title; My Dog, My Cat
Author; Ashlee Fletcher
Source; NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review
Format; eBook
Publisher; Tanglewood Press
Publication Date; August 9th 2011
Description; In this bright new picture book, the author describes all the differences between her dog and cat, who don't always get along. Her dog barks; her cat meows. Her dog likes steak; her cat likes tuna. Her dog's tongue is wet; her cat's tongue is rough. But the story ends on a delightfully sweet note when the author reveals what her dog and cat have in common — a love of pizza and a love of their owner. The strong lines and fresh colors make this book an appealing read as young readers learn about normal behaviors for the two most popular pets, and that even the most different of creatures can find things in common.
Goodreads Average Rating; 3.25*s
My Rating; 4*s

My Review; This is very short and simple children's book. Aimed at very young children.

The story is basically about the difference between the author's dog and cat. It is also about things that aren't so different between the dog and cat.

The book is hard to review because it was so, so, so short. I would recommend if you have really young children though. About toddler-ish age. 4*s

Friday, 21 June 2013

Snapshots by Mark Hamer

Title; Snapshots
Author; Mark Hamer
Source; NetGalley, in exchange for a honest review.
Format; eBook
Publisher; Oni Press
Publication Date; October 16th 2013
Description; Double Fine Productions and Oni Press present to you, "Snapshots," a collection of "remastered" photographs (and the stories behind them) brought to you by animator, artist extraordinaire, and Art Director at Double Fine Productions, Mark Hamer. This book collects the first 180 pieces Mark created over the years in a lovely little format. It features the whimsical, the tragic, and the humorous all wrapped in a layer of nostalgic imitation photographs.
Goodreads Average Rating; 2.00*s
My Rating; 1.5*s

My Review; Snapshots, like most photography books, was a quick read. That is part of the reason I like small photo books. The other is that they are usually funny or inspiring. This book...we neither.

Snapshots is a book that contains vintage photographs made to look like paintings. The photos are remastered. They also have captions.

Doesn't sound so bad right?

"This book collects the first 180 pieces Mark created over the years in a lovely little format. It features the whimsical, the tragic, and the humorous all wrapped in a layer of nostalgic imitation photographs."
This is from the description.

The book, yes, it contained those 180 photos, but I didn't particularly find it "humorous," or "whimsical." Tragic, now that might be the right word for the book.

Some of the photos...weren't that great quality. I mean, I understand these are vintage photos that have been's just...the fact that they were made to look like made them lose some of the quality they might have otherwise had.

My problem wasn't so much with the photos themselves though. My problem lies within the captions. There isn't really anything funny about them. And some are just...mean really. And others just stupid. I wouldn't recommend this book.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Upcoming 2013 titles that I can't wait to get my hands on...

Because I haven't been here for a while I thought I'd do a couple of random posts about books I can't wait to read, and other stuff, this random post is for the books that haven't been released yet...

Come Alive (EiT #7) by Karina Halle - June 23rd 2013 - So, some of you may have seen my post...last month..? Basically the post was me fangirling over Karina Halle and the Experiment in Terror series. If you haven't read it! I can understand if you don't think it's going to be your thing, but, hey, the first book is free for eBook devices and you PC and what not. It's definitely worth a read. I was also skeptical before I started the series, but I've read all 6 book this year and I need to read the novellas soon!

Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth - October 22nd 2013 - If you are an avid reader or blogger and you haven't heard of Veronica Roth's Divergent series yet...then you've probably been living under a rock. I read the first book 2 times within 12 months. Which isn't that rare for me. (Well, it has been lately, I need to get back on those rereads!) Divergent is a Dystopian trilogy. There's going to be a movie...March 14th 2014 is the release date I think. You're going to have to confirm that. It might be March 21st... A great series so far and I just cannot wait much longer for the last book!

Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss #3) by Stephanie Perkins - September 2013 - I finally got around to reading Anna and the French Kiss last summer was SQUEE WORTHY! So, the title is a little cheesy, as is the old cover, but I promise you it is not as cheesy as it seems! There is so much more to it! Lola and the Boy Next Door is the second book and I got that for Christmas (because it was £13.99 and I didn't want to pay that, though I totally would have anyway.) and it was probably the first book I read this year. I just could not keep the grin from my face as I read it! I was going through a Reader's Block phase too! These books are so amazing. If you like anything romance or... If you just like to read... Read this series!

Olivia Twisted by Vivi Barnes - November 5th 2013 - This is a début novel and also a retelling. This book is a retelling of Oliver Twist. It also has computer hacking and suspense and intrigue and such. So, does that sound awesome to you or what? I hope it isn't a disappointment like a few of my most anticipated have been recently.

Wild Cards (Wild Cards #1) by Simone Elkeles - September 24th 2013 - I finished reading the Perfect Chemistry series earlier this year. I did quite enjoy it, actually, I really enjoyed it. Even though each story seemed kind of repetitive. I'm actually really excited for this book/series too. I...there's just something about romance books that pulls me in. I don't care if some of what I read could and is sometimes considered trashy. As long as I enjoy it, what does it matter?

Romancing the Bookworm by Kate Evangelista - July 9th 2013 - Seriously, with that title, need I say more? So, I haven't read any Kate Evangelista books, but I really want to read this book. Like I said, a sucker for romance. Plus, it's a book about a bookworm. I love books about books and books about people that read books. I just love books...

Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron - October 3rd 2013 - Just read this description; Love can be a real monster.

Sixteen-year-old Boy’s never left home. When you’re the son of Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride, it’s tough to go out in public, unless you want to draw the attention of a torch-wielding mob. And since Boy and his family live in a secret enclave of monsters hidden under Times Square, it’s important they maintain a low profile.

Boy’s only interactions with the world are through the Internet, where he’s a hacker extraordinaire who can hide his hulking body and stitched-together face behind a layer of code. When conflict erupts at home, Boy runs away and embarks on a cross-country road trip with the granddaughters of Jekyll and Hyde, who introduce him to malls and diners, love and heartbreak. But no matter how far Boy runs, he can’t escape his demons—both literal and figurative—until he faces his family once more.

This hilarious, romantic, and wildly imaginative tale redefines what it means to be a monster—and a man.

It sound so freaking awesome and I just cannot wait to read it!

Vampire Mine (Alpha & Omega #3) by Aline Hunter - 2013 (unconfirmed) - Pretty sure this is the last book in the series. This series had me going through a shifter book phase earlier this year that I'm still not entirely out of. The amount of shifter books I have bought and added to my to read list because of this series is ridiculous. But, oh well. I really like this series and I have been waiting for this characters story since book one!

Crash Into You (Pushing the Limits #3) - November 26th 2013 - I had a chance to read Dare You To earlier this year and I loved it. I had an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I read Pushing the Limits sometimes last year. I loved both books actually. I seem to love YA books about characters that are going through a hard time... There is usually some romance involved too.

My Date From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy #2) by Tellulah Darling - October 31st 2013 - Tellulah Darling quickly because an instant favourite of mine last year when I read an ARC of Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls. I just loved it and I just loved her writing. It also helps that she is such a nice person (we've had a few convos on Goodreads and such.) Then, earlier this year I got a chance to read My Ex From Hell, the first book in this series, and I just fell in love with her unusually, quick paced writing all over again. Her books are such amazing easy reads. If you haven't already, give this woman a chance!

Unattainable (Undeniable #3) by Madeline Sheehan - Winter 2013/2014 - Biker boys anyone? What's that? *screams of "YES!" in the background* Fell in love with this series this year (again with this year!) The stories... They are so brilliant and so heartbreaking and so happy at times and wow... Just an overload of emotion. An amazing series (if you ask me) and also got me in a slight biker boy fix. Not that I didn't love leather and tattoos to begin with. Now it's just a stronger love.

Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - August 27th 2013 - So, this is another series I fell in love with this year. I mean, I read book three and holy mother of all cliffhangers! Seriously. I really cannot wait for this book. I need it, now!

Strange Fate (Night World #10) by L. J. Smith - Release date? Who the fuck knows any more! - Okay, so before I even think of picking up this book I'm going to have to reread the other 9 books, because seriously. It has been so, so long since I read them. 3 years maybe? I don't know. I need this book though, I don't remember the ending of the last book, but I'm pretty sure it was a cliffy. I remember thinking that the nine books were the entire series, but then I get throw with a cliffhanger and a book that was supposed to be out 10 years ago... Gee, thanks. But I do understand that the author had personal issues.

Daylighters (The Morganville Vampires #15) by Rachel Caine - November 5th 2013) - I am in dire need of this book. But I also don't want the series to be over. I read the first 10 books in 2011... I think. And I have been keeping up with it ever since. I might have been able to handle the pain if it ended at 12 books...but 15? I am so emotionally invested in these books that the last book is just going to be one entire cryfest, whether characters die or not. If you have not read this series...I definitely, 100%, without a single doubt recommend it! And soon!

- This list is in no particular order
- There are other books that I am highly anticipating this year and they aren't on this list because I didn't add all the book and because they weren't on my want-now list. Also because some of the books have been released already. And because I have ARCs for some of the books and so I'm not really wait to get my hands on them so much...
- What books are you highly anticipating this year? Are any of them on this list?
- This is possibly the longest post I have ever written and it is now 5AM, so I'm sorry if there are misspellings and things that don't make sense, but I don't have time to edit, I never really do edit anyway, and so I shall just publish it...


Man V, Liver by Neil Hinson

Title; Man V. Liver
Author; Neil Hinson
Source; NetGalley, via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Format; eBook
Publisher; Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date; September 24th 2013

Description; What you would have said had you thought of it last night at the bar.Meet Man: He’s witty, carefree, and probably not sober. He's Dean Martin meets Jack Benny, Don Draper, and Jack Donaghy.  He imparts upon readers his clever, unabashed musings of romance, party culture, and bachelorhood. The life of the party, the collected contemplations in Man v. Liver will amuse and inform aspiring connoisseurs of class.

In Man v. Liver, Man expels his alcohol-fueled wisdom to all who yearn to encapsulate themselves in a life of forgotten nights and fine tailored suits––which, as he will tell you, are handy to sleep in if you wish to be the best dressed at breakfast.

Man v. Liver is a collection of witty musings accompanied by their creator: a roughly sketched, style-conscious bachelor who’s never short on quips aimed at fellow party guests, dates, and, of course, his beloved liver.
Goodreads Average Rating; 2.00*s
My Rating; 2*s
Recommended? Nope.

My Review; Man V. Liver is a very short book. To be honest the book seems...pretty pointless. This is one man's "alcohol-fuelled wisdom" shown as little comic squares.

Sure, a few of there...made me laugh a little bit. Mostly...I just...didn't see the point. The book might be good for friends who like to drink or party. Maybe. Otherwise...probably not worth it.

The hardcover is 104 pages... It felt like there was 50 pages or even less when I read it. I read the book in all of 10 minutes. I just...don't know how to explain how I felt about it other than I thought it was pretty pointless.

Most of them, the sayings and such, were just...silly. Maybe one should read the book whilst drunk. Maybe it just wasn't for me. Maybe it's just a silly and pointless little book. I wish I liked it more, but I didn't.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Some Explanations...

Hey guys,

This is somewhat of an explanation post. I know I haven't posted as much recently and I won't be posting as much for a while to come. This is why.

My sister, Lisa, and I are starting a business. Well, we've kind of already started it. It's a cupcake business at the moment and we are going to make more and such when we have had more practise. Keeping up with the orders we currently have has kept us really busy and I haven't even had as much time to read let alone review books.

Am I going to continue reviewing books and having giveaways and such? Yes. I am. That's not going to stop and I'll always be reading when I can. This blog will continue as will constant blog tours and such...they just won't be so frequent.

Or maybe they will and you will just see reviews for different books. I don't currently review everything I read. Sometimes I just read a book and then continue onto the next one. But I think I shall start to review almost everything, or everything I read. So, hopefully I will have more posts for you guys. But with the rate I am baking I am not able to read a book a day like I used to, so there will still not be a hoard or reviews.

Other reasons there haven't been so many reviews... Well, I've always had problems with anxiety and depression. It has been a bigger problem since I was 13 and things just went downhill from there.

Things did seem like they were getting better recently. I was able to leave the house a little more (even going out once a week is difficult for me) but then... Things have gotten worse again these past few weeks, heck, months. It's hard for me to concentrate on things, and reading does help, as does writing, but it's also hard to find the time or energy.

So, I'm sorry for the lack of my being here and such, but hopefully there'll be more posts and such soon.

There's a blog tour coming up for July...and I think that's it for now. So, hopefully there'll be more posts, but if know why. :)

Stupid By Choice by Leighton Summers - Blog Tour Guest Post!

A novel about the adventures and regrets of a Texas Oil Princess’s quest for finding love…

Melanie St. John is a beautiful, smart, rich Texan daddy’s girl born to a bold, high-powered lawyer in the oil business who helps Melanie grow into someone who is both worldly and capable. But once she leaves college and enters the privileged world of dating highly sought-after “men of leisure,” she is catapulted in and out of the wealthiest places on the globe while hoping to get married and start a family with one of them. But these mostly destructive love affairs soon become a dynamic exploration of wealth and love, with all the highs and lows. And to complicate matters she is surrounded by her older, free-wheeling, wildcat sister (and her sister’s exotic but destructive best friend) as well as her own two completely opposite best friends, and each of them also hopes to find their own Prince Charming—which all only adds to the competition, adventures, and scandals. But throughout each relationship Melanie explores the deeper, more prevalent themes of family, friendship, love, intimacy, freedom, betrayal, motherhood, and most of all, inner strength.

Goodreads Average Rating; 3.67*s

Guest Post from Stupid By Choice author Leighton Summers: 

Stupid By Choice centers around a hopeful debutante Texas Oil Princess’s struggles from her high school years to her late-thirties as she attempts to find true, lasting love amongst the wealthy, jet-set, spoiled, sought-after playboy bachelors in the elite worldwide social circles of Texas, Monte Carlo, Manhattan, Newport, and Palm Beach.  And though the novel shows both the highs and lows of living in this exclusive, upscale world, there are still many great perks that come with being a “T.O.P.” (Texas Oil Princess).  Here are just a few…

10 Fun Facts about T.O.P. High Society Life

1.   The biggest decision of the day is what time to play tennis or golf.
2.   Get to shop online all over the world at the most exclusive, top boutiques with just the push of a button (and have your accountant take care of the bills).
3.   Can travel anytime, anywhere all over the globe—and in comfort flying only first class or by private jet.  (Even if you don’t have your own, having a share in a private jet is also a plus and always worth it!)
4.   Can decide to purchase a yacht on a whim.
5.   All the invitations to fabulous, fun debutante parties, elegant galas, and important social events year round (and each coming with an endless stream of mega rich, handsome escorts).
6.   Special club privileges that come along with joining exclusive clubs and resorts at beautiful, private places all over the world.
7.   Gain access to very interesting people from all over the globe (and from all walks of life).
8.   Can go to the best spas and salons as often as you want (and have your hair as long and thick as you want).
9.   Stunning fine jewelry and couture gowns (both of which you can create a large collection of to feel like a true princess anytime!).
10. Designer shoes and handbags (that can change daily, if desired).

Want to be a T.O.P. for a night?  Have your book club do a themed “T.O.P. Champagne Party” based on Stupid By Choice.  Your group could get together for a night of confessions and declarations that no one will ever forget!  You can serve fine champagne, tasty hors d’oeuvres, and have everyone get the chance to dress up in their latest couture fashions and accessories. Why not have fun—just like a true T.O.P.!  

Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts (ARC Review)


Title; Tumble & Fall
Author; Alexandra Coutts
Source; NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
Format; eBook
Publication Date; September 17th 2013
Publisher; Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Description; A novel about the end of days full of surprising beginnings

The world is living in the shadow of oncoming disaster. An asteroid is set to strike the earth in just one week’s time; catastrophe is unavoidable. The question isn’t how to save the world—the question is, what to do with the time that's left? Against this stark backdrop, three island teens wrestle with intertwining stories of love, friendship and family—all with the ultimate stakes at hand.

Alexandra Coutts's TUMBLE & FALL is a powerful story of courage, love, and hope at the end of the world.
Goodreads Average Rating; 3.71
My Rating; 1*

My Review; I didn't finish this book. I couldn't. Why couldn't I finish the book? Well, to be quite frank, it was boring. Not a whole lot was going on and I was 54% in.

I skipped to the ending of this book and I read the bit just after it says THE END and to be honest that little bit almost made me go back up and carry on reading, but it's not enough. You can't have a boring novel with an okay ending.

Okay, so let's discuss why this book was boring...and kind of ridiculous in places.

We have our three main characters. Sienna, Zan, and Caden.

Sienna has issues with depression and anxiety - well, that's what I got from it - and to be honest I thought that with a few of the things the author wrote, well, the depression and anxiety was described quite well. But I'm also kind of wondering if Sienna was actually bipolar because it didn't seem as if she was so anxious or depressed. But she had this sense of detachment from the world and her family, and yes, that's what happens. And then there was Owen, a childhood friend, and it's like he's suddenly there and she's more interested in him than spending time with her family and stuff. It's the end of the world, it doesn't really matter who you spend your time with, but wouldn't you want to at least try to connect with your family?

Zan's boyfriend, Leo, died a year ago. When we first meet her she is sat on a rock talking to him... It's where they used to sit and watch the sunset or something. We don't know he's not there at the time. And then Leo's younger sister comes to the rocks and she gives Zan this book. This book was Leo's favourite or something. So, his sister gives her this old and worn novel and then Zan finds this receipt in it at some later point and this receipt has a name and number on it. Vanessa. When Zan looks closer at the receipt she sees that it is from the night he died.
In the end she goes on a sort of road trip with Leo's best friend, Nick, and they try to find this Vanessa girl. I don't know how that ended up because I didn't get that far, but I'm pretty sure he was cheating on her.

Then we have Caden. Caden has probably got the strangest story in the book. Caden has a sister and a drunk for a mother. And Caden is some kind of skater, or he hangs with skaters and gets stoned and what not, but not drunk. So, when he's out partying on the beach with his friends, or rather on the way back, he gets...kidnapped. By his father. And when I had stopped reading the book...his father had gotten him a prostitute. Like...why? His father is a douche, we get that, but that just takes it too far.

These teenagers lives are supposed to intertwine in this book, but at 54%...they hadn't even met... Except for maybe Caden and Zan who already knew each other.

I just... I did not like this book and that really is a shame because I was really, really looking forward to reading it. Oh well.

Interesting premise...not so interesting book.