Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bewitching The Werewolf by Caroline Hanson

Title; Bewitching The Werewolf

Author; Caroline Hanson

Publisher; Self published

Publication Date; September 25th 2011

This is a free ebook, you cannot get it in paperback form. You can read it on an Amazon Kindle, or Smashwords!

A link to the free book on Smashwords;

Description; When witch for hire, Megan Stephens, is assigned to help the local werewolf pack leader find a mate, she thinks the job will be easy. Get in, get it up and get gone. But when she meets Zack Connor, she realizes her future might have a lot more dog jokes in it than she ever imagined.

Stars; Four and a half

Would I recommend this book? If you're looking for a short, quick read, then yes. Warning; this book involves sex.

Review; My main, and probably only issue with this book is that it is too short. You get enough information about everything. There are no plot holes. Still, for me, it ended to abruptly! As self published books go, I haven't read many. I'd been wanting to read Bewitching The Werewolf for a while, but I just hand't got around to it. The book did not disappoint me. I laughed out loud a few times, which is always good. The characters - though we don't get to see their whole personality as it is a short read - were good, funny, and almost realistic. If you like ebooks, and free things, then you should download, or read this book on smashwords, you won't regret it. This review - like the book - is short and sweet simply because you can't really go into the depth of such a short story.

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