Monday, 9 July 2012

Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles #1) by Christin Lovell

Title; Diary of a Vampeen

Author; Christin Lovell

Series; Vamp Chronicles Book One

Publisher; Smashwords (I think)

Publication Date; May 9th 2011

Description; Imagine living a human charade for fifteen years and never knowing it. Imagine being provided less than a week to learn and accept your family’s true heritage before it overtook you. Alexa Jackson, Lexi, is abruptly thrown onto this roller coaster and quickly learns that she can’t change fate, regardless of how many lifetimes she is given. She will be transformed into a vampeen on her sixteenth birthday, she will be called upon to fulfill a greater destiny within the dangerous world of vampires, and she will have to risk heartbreak and rejection if she ever wants a chance at love with Kellan, whether she likes it or not.

Stars; Three and a half stars

Would I recommend it? Now this is a difficult choice, would I recommend it? Or not? It is a different take on vampires for me, but I wasn't so sure about the writing in itself. Maybe for fans of books like Twilight, though saying that I enjoyed this book slightly more than the Twilight Series.

Review; My feelings with this book are rather mixed. The story line was different, (rare when it comes to vampires!) but the style of writing didn't draw me in. It's more of a book to try out when you have nothing else to read rather than a must read, but that's only my opinion. A few people loved and a few disliked it on Goodreads. Mixed feelings all around it seems. I'm sure I'd love this story if the writing was different.
The concept of a Vampeen is different in the novel world of vampires. I liked that it was something new, which is why I am going to carry on with the series, see where it goes. Whilst I didn't love this story, there were still things I liked about it. I'm not a fan of the Twilight Series, which this book reminded me of slightly, but there was something better about this first book in the series. If you dislike the Twilight series with a passion, it is probably best that you avoid this series even though it is better, it's not better by much. If you are a fan of Twilight you will most likely enjoy this series. It is a bit of a slow start though which is why I gave it three and a half stars rather than four.
Alexa complains far too much about her weight in my opinion, but I did like her friendship with Mel. I didn't like Mike from the beginning, I don't know why. Kellan is definitely the one to choose in my eyes! I hope if you pick up this book, you enjoy it more than I did. On to book two; Vamp Yourself For War!

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