Review Policy

If you wish to contact me my main email address is;
claireg131 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk
If you are going to send me a book in the post and are looking for my mailing address then email me. I am not going to put my actual address on a public website, all form of contact will go through my email first.

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests to review books, and an overwhelming amount of Galleys, I will only be accepting PHYSICAL COPIES from authors and publishers I know, or am already in contact with. Thank you anyway and I wish you luck. 

I WILL accept Indie/Self-Published book, IF I am interested!
I will accept physical copies and eBooks at the moment! 
Formats that I will accept;
Physical copies
Books for Amazon's Kindle
I do not really have a preference on format, but I am used to reading physical copies. 

Formats that I will not accept;
Audio books
E-books that cannot be read on Kindle.

I will accept most genres. Mainly I read Young Adult novels, but I will read adult novels too. This blog is not 18+ so if you send me erotica it will be reviewed, but not graphically so. I will not include any quotes from any erotica novels. 

I will read any of the below categories that are Adult (non-erotica,) and I will read any erotica. I don't really have a preference there.

The YA genres I enjoy most are; (In no particular order)
Historical Fiction
Fairytale/Myth Re-tellings
Contemporary Romance
Gothic Horror/Romance

Genres that I will read, but don't enjoy as much;

Genres that I will not accept;
Biographies of any type
Religious Books - I have no problem with religion, I just don't happen to be a fan of overly preachy books
Extremely Political or "Hot Button" topic books

I will try and review any and all books I receive if I cannot review it for any reason I shall email you to let you know. If you are planning to send me a sequel please make sure you either check I have read the first book or send a copy of the first book too.
My reviews will most likely be posted as soon as I finish the book. Which can be pretty quick depending on how many books I have been receiving. If you would like me to wait until a certain date to review your book please state that as a guideline. 

Review Structure; 

  • Cover Art
  • Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date/Expected Publication Date, Series Status
  • Where I received the book
  • A summery (Usually from Goodreads)
  • Star Rating, this will sometimes include stars for the cover art, plot, writing, ect.
  • If I would recommend the book or not
  • My Review (Likes and dislikes)
If I feel the book is too mature for people of a certain age I will also include an age I think the reader should be before picking up the book.
Though the review will include dislikes if there are things I disliked about the book I am not going to bully the book or its author. Writing takes a lot of time and effort, I may not like the book and somebody else may love it. I aim for an honest review, not to bully or harm your book and/or authors in any way!
(If there is anything here that you would like me to add, or not include just ask!)

Overall Star Rating;

5* - Five Stars - This book is something special. I really connected to this book and I will probably read it again. This book is amazing and will probably go onto my favourites shelf. I'd recommend it.

4* - Four Stars - I enjoyed this book quite a lot, but it wasn't enough for a full five stars. I probably didn't quite connect to it, something that I could read again, but it won't make it to my favourites shelf. I'd probably recommend it.

3* - Three Stars - There were bits I liked about this book, but there were a lot of things I didn't like either. Most of the time I give three stars I'm not too sure what to think of the book. Some part of me likes the book and another part doesn't. I usually have mixed feelings about books I give three stars. I'd recommend it to a certain audience.

2* - Two Stars - I rarely ever give two stars, if I do it's because I finished the book, but didn't really enjoy it. Two stars is something I find hard to give as I hate to give a bad review. This is a book I probably won't be reading again any time soon, but I'd be willing to possibly give it another try later in life, but it wasn't something I liked too much. I probably wouldn't recommend it.

1* - One Star - I have yet to give any book 1*. I will probably never pick this book up again and it won't be something I recommend if you were to ask for a recommendation. This book really wasn't for me.

If the book receives anything in between these numbers say 4.5 then that number will apply to both numbers around it, so 4.5 would be part 5*s and part 4*s. This isn't explained very well so if you need another example just get in contact with me.

If you would like me to do a blog tour, cover reveal, giveaway, then just email me and we can discuss it. I am happy to help you promote your work if I have read it, I am happy to reveal covers whether I've read it or not.
Guest posts and interviews are welcome, I would prefer if I have read your work before an interview, it is not a requirement. Once again if you would like an interview or guest post on my blog just email me. My email is at the top of this page! 

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