Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Innocence of White (Vamp Chronicles #3.5) by Christin Lovell

Title; The Innocence of White

Author; Christin Lovell

Publisher; Self published (Smashwords)

Publication Date; July 7th 2012

Series; Vamp Chronicles Book Three Point Five (3.5)

Can it stand alone? Probably, but it'd be a pointless read

Description; Gabi is a full-figured vampire whose love life hasn’t been horrible, but also hasn’t been spectacular. A one-night stand eighty years ago has haunted her with a low-lying desire she was unaware of. One look at Jack again though, and her dead heart is leaping.

Eighty years ago, Jack had a connection with a plus-sized vamp beauty. The moment she discovered his true identity though, he took off, focusing on protecting his elusive reputation. Fate brought them together again though, and Jack was enraptured all over again. He has a bit of explaining to do before Gabi will give herself up to the dark vamp though.

Dive into Gabi and Jack’s love story and get a candid view of their wedding day in this Vamp Chronicles short.

Note: This is a Vamp Chronicles (series) short story best understood and enjoyed if read between book 3, Hit the Road Jack, and book 4, Vamp Versus Vamp.

Stars; 4.25

Would I recommend it? If you've read the Vamp Chronicles (It is best fitted in between book two ans three)

Review; Considering I've given one of the other books in this series 4.5*s I'd like to give this one 4.5+ as it was my favourite so far, but I feel as though I gave that book too high a rating because I just didn't want to give it a bad review. I hate giving bad reviews! If you haven't read the Vamp Chronicles series (so far) then this is a pointless read. If you have read it, it is still a pointless read, but it's cute. It is probably not worth the money I paid for it as it is a very short story. Though that didn't stop me from liking it!

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