Friday, 13 July 2012

Bound Temptations by Shiloh Walker

This book consists of two previously published short erotic romance stories by Shiloh Walker, I will review each short story separately. Over 18's only!

Title; Bound Temptations

Author; Shiloh Walker

Publisher; Hydra Publications

Publication Date; May 1st 2012

Overall Stars; 4.75

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would!

Title; Tempt Me

Author; Shiloh Walker

Publisher; Self Published

Publication Date; February 15th 2011

Series; Stand-Alone Novella

Description; Tempt me…

She’s a temptation he can’t resist…

Roxanne ‘Rocki’ Monroe’s life is full of secrets and hidden heartaches. Cole Stanton would love to heal her pain and chase away the ghosts of her past, but she’s just a complication he doesn’t have room for in his life.

Or so he thinks.

It doesn’t take Cole long to realize he’s more than willing to let temptation get the best of him, more than happy to deal with complications if that’s what it takes to get her.

What he has and what he needs are two different things…and what he needs is Rocki.

Stars; Four Point Seven Five (4.75)

Would I recommend it? Yes

Review; I loved this short story. The ending came too soon for me though. I feel it should have been longer, but maybe that was just me enjoying the story so much. Who knows?
The characters for me were realistic. The romance was a bit too fast, but I could still believe it. The story was short, and there were only so many weeks within the story, but I still felt that enough happened. A lot happened in that short time to make it interesting, and the focus wasn't entirely on the romance or erotic aspect! I also liked the fact that there was emotions involved, a lot of romantic erotica stories are purely about the sex, but this story involved the emotion too. I would recommend this story to friends, and I'm recommending it to you all now. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

Title; Beg Me

Author; Shiloh Walker

Publisher; Self Published

Publication Date; November 18th 2010

Series; Stand-Alone

Description; Beg me…there had been a time when those words made her burn with desire. But now, there was only fear.

Once, Tania Sinclair’s life was almost perfect…oh, it had its ups and downs but she was happily married to a guy that adored her, one who had no problem indulging every kinky fantasy she ever had. But a couple of tragedies later, she’s barely holding it together. A car accident took away her husband, and an attack from somebody she should have been able to trust has shaken not only her confidence, but it’s also stripped away her fantasies and even made it painful to look back on her memories of her husband without fear.

Two years after her attack, Tania is determined to take her life back and the first step is taking back herself…her fantasies, her dreams, her memories. There’s only one person she can trust to do it, too. One person she wants enough…Drake Bennett, her husband’s best friend.

Falling for your best friend’s wife—never smart. Drake’s watched Tania quietly for years, watched her…wanted her, knowing he’d never have her. First, she was taken. And then, that night two years ago—a night that still scars her, a night that’s left bruises on her that still haven’t healed. He does what he can, though, because he loves her too much not to. He’s her friend, there when she needs him.

And now she needs him. She’s asked him for a favor…one that just about blows his mind…

Warning: This book involves light bondage play, rape fantasy & role-playing. The acts between the hero & heroine are consensual, but they may not be ideal for all readers…

Stars; 4.75

Would I recommend it? Yes

Review; If you were to ask me to choose which story I preferred I would have no answer for you. I enjoyed both. This story involved more sexual situations, but still it was all about the emotions. I feel this story didn't need to be any longer, as I felt the previous one could have. The story - due to its subject - involved a lot of emotion. I feel that the author got a lot of the emotion right, it didn't seem too played down, or too over the top! If you haven't picked up your copy of Bound Temptations yet, I suggest you do it soon!

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