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Hit The Road Jack (Vamp Chronicles #3) by Christin Lovell

Title; Hit The Road Jack

Author; Christin Lovell

Series; Vamp Chronicles Book Three

Publisher; Self Published

Publication Date; December 8th 2011

Can it stand alone? Definitely not.

Description; Some hunt, and some are hunted.

With lives at stake, literally, Lexi travels the globe pursuing the element of surprise against her enemy. Unfortunately, it seems there’s a mole in her tightknit group. Lexi is forced to reevaluate her relationships, old and new, as her target closes in on her. Can her friendships survive the pressure of the front lines? And can her relationship with Kellan survive a game of cat and mouse?

Predictions aren’t always accurate, or are they?

Stars; Three and a half/Four for the overall book. One star (something which I have never given before) for the kindle edition. Chunks were missing, sentences, words, it was a little confusing, so if you are going to get this book, get it in a different format!

Would I recommend it? The book? Probably not, the story was better than the other two, it's a slow start, still. You should read the other two first, but bear in mind that I am only finishing this series because once I start a series I cannot abandon it, well most of the time.The edition? No.

Review; We dive deeper into the story and actually learn something about the prophecy! the reason I could not give this book five stars is because it still feels a little bit rushed to me. Like some things are last minute additions that don't fit correctly into the writing style, or the story itself. Loved most of the characters - as always. I'm getting a soft spot for Auggy, he's becoming one of my favourite characters.
Despite the ending, this is not the last book in the series. Though it may seem like it. The fourth book is released later this year I think. I also believe someone said there were seven all together... I'm not sure, I'll have to do my research it seems!
This is definitely not one of my favourite series, I find myself correcting unedited words in my mind, it's the occasional exciting event (there are not many) and the characters that is keeping me reading. To be frank, and not mean, I find these books slightly boring. The storyline is original, sure, but I still feel, because of the way it is written, that it is reminding me of other books. Books like Twilight. (which is mentioned far too many times throughout the series already, it's like a promotion for the series! I don't want to read another Twilight, I barely stand that story these days as it is!
Self published books always run this risk as they have not gone through an editor, or any of the other pish posh needed to polish a novel for publishing. The story is original, but not gripping. It needs to be more gripping, detailed (and I'm not talking about their outfits or the way they look, I got that already) descriptions, the events need to be written better. I'd love to give the beginning of this series so much praise, but I just can't. Sure there are good parts, but it could be better.
Now enough with the slamming! I hate slamming other people's hard work! I am sorry to say that this may be one of the only series I never finish, the ending was sufficient enough to be an official ending for me. I will probably remember this series at one point and try out the later books, but for now there is a firm On-Hold stamp on this series for me. Which is unfortunate as some other reviews I've read have praised this book so much, I guess it just wasn't for me.
The next review will be of Book 3.5 in the series. With crossed fingers (and toes, legs, arms, ect.) let's hope it's a good one, even if it is short!

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