Friday 5 April 2013

With A Kiss by Stephine Fowers - Blog Tour Review

Note; This book is $0.99 for a limited time on Amazon! I'd definitely recommend it, so snap up your copy while it's cheap!
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Title; With A Kiss
Author; Stephanie Fowers
Series: Twisted Tales, #1
Source; Xpresso book tours
Format; Kindle
Publisher; Triad Media and Entertainment
Publication Date: April 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faeries)

Description; There are seven rules of the faery kingdom that Halley Starr must never break:

    1. No trespassing sacred faery territory
    2. Don't ever say thank you
    3. Using a faery’s given name is a no-no
    4. Never break a promise to a faery
    5. Faery music is forbidden
    6. Resist all faery food
    7. And never, never fall in love with a faery

    But Halley is cursed. Yeah. No joke. She can barely survive Omak High with that shard of ice in her heart. How could she possibly be a proper godmother and stop Rumpelstiltskin from taking the heir of the faery kingdom? And let’s be honest, there is no way she’ll go with Goldilocks (some hot faery guy) who won’t bother telling Halley his name or that she looks like she’s talking to herself when he’s around. Not a chance.

    And really, who can blame her?

    If Halley wants her heart back again, she can’t worry about the rules…

Goodreads Average Rating; 4.00*s
My Rating; 4.75*s to 5*s
Would I recommend this book? You betcha.
Will I read anything else by this author? Are you kidding? I'm already reading the sequel!

My Review; I've had some bad experiences with faery books in the past. They never seemed to live up to my, when I picked up With A Kiss I was...unsure.
All of my doubts about fae books have gone out of the window.

I was so wrong to be worried!

I could not put this book down! And the further into the book I got, well, the harder it became to put the book down!

I had a lot of theories about what was going to happen, and what was happening. (Those fae can be cryptic with their riddles and spells and such!)
Some of these theories were proven correct, but there was so much that I didn't guess as well!

If you like faery books, or fairy/faery tales, or if you've had a bad experience with YA fae books, then you have to give this book a try!

I love this book. I love the characters, oh, how I love the characters. Hobs. Babs. Halley. Even Bugul!
I altogether love this book.

If I were to pick one problem with it...then I'd say that maybe Halley accepted everything...a little too quickly for it to be realistic, but that does not stop me from loving everything about this book in anyway!



Individual Giveaway;
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I will also need your email address and format choice (either ePub, Mobi, or PDF.) and I will also need your name.
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At Midnight
Stephanie Fowers
Series: Twisted Tales, #2
Publication: April 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faeries)

    Stop the clock from striking twelve

    Who is Bridgette anyway?

    1. Loser of Omak High
    2. Girl who rubs her fingers raw working fast food
    3. Victim of the evil stepmother who runs the group home
    4. Not-so-proud owner of a hearth where fire-starting goblins live
    5. Asylum wannabe with occasional schizophrenic episodes

    Not even Bridgette knows. Not that she can do anything about it. Besides, her godmother is supposed to save her, not the other way around! But Halley Starr is a little busy fighting Rumpelstiltskin flunkies and his beanstalk, so her godmother sends some rude faery guy to help Bridgette instead. It’s up to him to make sure she gets that true love’s kiss that will undo the banishment curse, except he seriously knows nothing about love or faery hunters, red riding hood, spindles…or high school!

    Excuse me?

    Even if he did, how is Bridgette supposed to find true love if everyone she loves disappears?


 As the Sun Sets
Stephanie Fowers
Series: Twisted Tales, #3
Publication: April 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faeries)

    Will it be happily ever after or the end?

    Daphne’s sister and stepsister are in big BIG trouble!

    1. It’s the third and final day
    2. Rumpelstiltskin plans to suck their powers dry
    3. The queen wants them dead
    4. The wolves switched sides
    5. The world is about to end
    6. And did they seriously expect to keep this all from Daphne?

    Oh yeah, A LOT of trouble! Daphne Starr pricks her finger on a spindle and it awakens the power that was always within her. That’s a big time no no! Now Rumpelstiltskin and some evil queen are after her. Even more annoying, the biggest player at Omak High is a shapeshifter and he goes beast on her, dragging her into a beanstalk and getting them stuck in a time-warp. He won’t stop asking her to marry him to get to her powers. I mean, give up already! Sure, it’s cool when she scores matching boots with the weirdo cat, and some cute faery guy accidentally tags along for the ride, but…

    Enough is enough already!

    Halley and Bridgette had better get her out of this—especially since she only has until the battery runs out of her cell phone before she loses…to a beast.



Stephanie Fowers loves bringing stories to life, and depending on her latest madcap ideas will do it through written word, song, and/ or film. She absolutely adores Bollywood and bonnet movies; i.e., BBC (which she supposes includes non-bonnet movies Sherlock and Dr. Who). Presently, she lives in Salt Lake where she's living the life of the starving artist. Stephanie plans to share more of her novels, films, and even a musical in the near future. May the adventures begin.



  1. Hi Claire, thank you for your review. And what a fun idea for winning a book! I suppose I don't qualify to win one heh heh, but in the spirit of the contest, I'll let you know why I love Faery books! Monsters, wings, spells, and stolen kisses--all packed into one fun adventure. They're a fun reminder that the world is a magical place.
    Thanks for reading my first faery book and I sure hope you read more :-)

    1. Hey Stephanie,
      You're most welcome. Thank you for commenting!
      Haha, I suppose you don't. But that's okay, because I'm sure you have many copies anyway. :)
      A very good reason to love Faery books if you ask me!
      (I'm already part way through the sequel!) :)

    2. Oh, you are reading it? That makes me so happy. I hope you love it! Thanks again.

    3. So far so good! Can't wait to find the time to read some more of it! :)

  2. I have friends who only like movies and books that are realistic, but I think that's the most boring thing on the planet. My definition of entertainment is something that takes me away from the mundane to something exciting. So any chance to read a book that allows me to escape into a new world, I'll take it!
    sandrabarton (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1. I do understand a liking for a bit of realistic fiction here and there, but I do love myself a bit of fantasy too. Definitely a good read to love fantasy books! Good luck! :)