Monday, 29 April 2013

Nice is Just a Place in France by The Betches, ARC review.

Title; Nice is Just a Place in France
Author; The Betches
Source; Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review
Format; Kindle
Publisher; Gallery Books
Publication Date; March 12th 2013
Synopsis; LOOK, MAYBE YOU’RE A NICE GIRL, but we’re guessing you’re more like us or you probably wouldn’t have picked up this book. Not that we have a problem with girls who are nice people. But being nice is just not the way to get what you want. And this book is about getting what you want. Not in like a finding happiness, giving back to the world, being grateful for what you have sort of way. But in a ruling your world, being the most desired, powerful badass in the room way, so you can come out on top of any situation: guys, career, friends, enemies, whatever. How does a betch make that happen?

Here are some highlights:




We didn’t come up with these life lessons. We’re just the ones who wrote it all down. This is not self-help. Self-help is for fat people and divorc√©es. This is how to deal with your problems when you have no problems. You’re welcome.
Goodreads Average Rating; 3.74*s
My Rating; 1.5*s
Would I recommend it? Nope.
Will I ever read anything else by this author? Nope, probably not.

My Review; DNF at 15% (The amount I promise all publishers through NetGalley and Edelweiss that I will read before I can DNF a book.)

This book gave me a headache. Literally. The only reason I'm giving it 1.5*s rather than just one is because some bits were kind of funny. Even though they really shouldn't have been.

What possessed me to download this title from Edelweiss? I have no freaking idea.

Before I saw this book I had never heard of "The Betches" or anything to do with them. I am also not one to care about having a "celebrity" body. Or, really, any of the matters presented in this book. So, maybe it is my fault I don't like this book.

All I know is that this book annoying, headache inducing, kinda boring, occasionally funny, and always offensive. Or at least it was offensive to me in parts. I just...can't. I just can't. I don't even know what to say about this book really. I just...

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