Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just an update...

Sorry I've been a bit MIA these past few days. I've been reading about 15 books at once and not really finishing any. Except for book one and two in the Experiment in Terror series, but I decided to not write reviews for them. Although I did really enjoy them and I would recommend them.

What have you guys been reading lately?

You can browse my currently reading list here.

I've been thinking up some giveaways for the future lately. Mostly eBook and eVouchers because it's cheaper and then I can do international giveaways. It is hard to choose what to giveaway though, and I have to put my own money into it. I'm thinking about setting up a donation thing on the side. Would you guys donate money to the blog? For more giveaways and things. I mean, obviously you don't have to, I'm still going to try and do giveaways but it would create a chance for more giveaways and things.

Happy reading.
Claire. :)

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