Thursday, 7 March 2013

Donations and Giveaways

Yes, I am aware that this is my third post today within less than an hour. Sorry about that.

This time I am telling you that I have set up a donation button. You can see it on the top left-hand side there. Basically, if you make any donations they will go towards giveaways. And occasionally, if I have been asked by you lot, to review a specific book I will possibly buy it from donations. Though I won't do that a lot. Or maybe not even at all.

So, basically, your donations will go towards giveaways. If you make a donation maybe you'd like to email me about giving away a specific book? You can find my email address in the Review Policy part of my blog.

If you would like more giveaways but can't afford to donate money, or don't want to (I understand both there,) you can help get more giveaways by clicking the Ads that you see on the sides of the page. Every time you click an add I get a tiny bit of money for it, once that money gets to £60 I can receive it in check form. And have some giveaways.

Thank you if you do donate or click on the ads. I understand if you don't. Thank you anyway. :)

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