Friday, 22 February 2013

Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy #1) by Karina Halle

Title; Sins & Needles
Author; Karina Halle
Series; The Artists Trilogy, book one
Source; Paid
Format; Kindle 
Publisher; Metal Blonde Books 
Publication Date; January 25th 2013
Goodreads Average Rating; 4.24
My Rating; 5*s
Would I read anything else by this author? Yes, I really want to read more of Karina's books.
Would I recommend this book? Yes
Who would I recommend it to? Well, I think this book is a must read, so I will recommend it to everyone.

My Review; I need the sequel to this book. This book was just...amazing. I've not really read a book like this before, and even if I had, it would be nothing quite like this book. 

The characters were unique, and real, and I just loved them. 

And, I just...I don't know how many sentences I highlighted in this book! 

This is a must read in my opinion. The way it's written. The characters. The plot. This whole book was awesome.

I guessed a few things here and there, but a lot was unpredictable. For me anyway.

This is a book I recommend AND at this moment in time it is only $0.99 on Amazon (Or for us Brits 77 pence.)

Definitely kept me hooked, and definitely a book I recommend!

(This isn't much of a review, just incoherent gushing...again. You know the book's good if I can't really write a review for it, and just gush over everything in the book.)

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