Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Messenger by Stephanie Pippin

Title; The Messenger
Author; Stephanie Pippin
Source; Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review
Format; Kindle edition
Publisher; University of Iowa Press
Publication Date; April 1st 2013
Description; In thrilling poems of metamorphosis and birth, death and dissolution, Stephanie Pippin’s debut collection returns us to a world unshorn of wildness. Delivering accident and hunger, love and grief, nature in these poems is beautiful and brutal, “a hellish magnificence” that both invites and denies the meanings we project onto it. Refusing the domesticated comfort of our usual myths, Pippin reminds us of our place as creatures among others in a world where “what isn’t dead / is dying,” and where the thrill of predatory flight commingles with the desperation of the prey.

This mesmerizing and astonishingly assured collection offers a message as harrowing as it is essential. Faced with the hard master of necessity—“angel stinking of his own / excitement”—and bare before what Mallarm√© called “the horror of the forest,” we are helpless, finally, to do anything to save what we love. Our sole task, these poems insist, is to look on while we can, and to love harder.

My Rating; 2*s
Goodreads Rating; 4.29*s

My Review; No matter how much I tried to get into these poems, to understand them for what they truly meant...I couldn't. I did not finish. I stopped reading at 33%.

It was all just a little too...morbid for me. It was as if every poem was about pain and death and I just...I don't really want to read on about that.

The poems are good, but...the subject matter and's just not for me. Though I am sure someone will love it, I won't.

It was also quite difficult to read on the kindle as the words were a little all over the place.

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