Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gold Rush by Jordan Lynde

Title; Gold Rush
Author; Jordan Lynde
Source; NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review
Format; Kindle edition
Publisher; RHCP Digital
Publication Date; April 3rd 2014
Description; When hot, talented, uber-famous boy band Gold enroll at the prestigious Oakwood Academy, Iris is determined not to get distracted. She's class president and a scholarship student, and she can't let her grades drop. Besides, there are plenty of other girls who are desperate to get close to Gold - including Iris's best friend, Chloe.

But on their first day at Oakwood, Iris is asked to show Gold around - and finds out gorgeous lead singer Rian will be sharing her locker . . .

Surrounded by fans and paparazzi at every turn, Noah, Luke and Rian love that Iris treats them just like normal guys. But being friends with three of the most famous people in the world comes with its problems. And when Iris begins to realize she has feelings for one of them, things get even more complicated . . .

My Rating; 4*s
Goodreads Rating; 4.15*s

My Review: I was a big fan of Jordan Lynde when she was still writing stories on Wattpad. I'm still a fan now.

Gold Rush is not my favourite Jordan Lynde book, but I still found myself liking it and liking all of the characters. It was a fun, quite quick read. Even though there are a lot more pages than the word quick implies.

I found myself smiling and laughing with the characters and I found myself wanting to go to bed a little earlier to find out what would happen next.

I loved each character in their own way.

My only problem was that I was expecting something more. Something else to happen.

It is a book a would recommend, especially to those who know Jordan as XxSkater2Girl16xX on Wattpad.

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