Monday, 17 June 2013

Stupid By Choice by Leighton Summers - Blog Tour Guest Post!

A novel about the adventures and regrets of a Texas Oil Princess’s quest for finding love…

Melanie St. John is a beautiful, smart, rich Texan daddy’s girl born to a bold, high-powered lawyer in the oil business who helps Melanie grow into someone who is both worldly and capable. But once she leaves college and enters the privileged world of dating highly sought-after “men of leisure,” she is catapulted in and out of the wealthiest places on the globe while hoping to get married and start a family with one of them. But these mostly destructive love affairs soon become a dynamic exploration of wealth and love, with all the highs and lows. And to complicate matters she is surrounded by her older, free-wheeling, wildcat sister (and her sister’s exotic but destructive best friend) as well as her own two completely opposite best friends, and each of them also hopes to find their own Prince Charming—which all only adds to the competition, adventures, and scandals. But throughout each relationship Melanie explores the deeper, more prevalent themes of family, friendship, love, intimacy, freedom, betrayal, motherhood, and most of all, inner strength.

Goodreads Average Rating; 3.67*s

Guest Post from Stupid By Choice author Leighton Summers: 

Stupid By Choice centers around a hopeful debutante Texas Oil Princess’s struggles from her high school years to her late-thirties as she attempts to find true, lasting love amongst the wealthy, jet-set, spoiled, sought-after playboy bachelors in the elite worldwide social circles of Texas, Monte Carlo, Manhattan, Newport, and Palm Beach.  And though the novel shows both the highs and lows of living in this exclusive, upscale world, there are still many great perks that come with being a “T.O.P.” (Texas Oil Princess).  Here are just a few…

10 Fun Facts about T.O.P. High Society Life

1.   The biggest decision of the day is what time to play tennis or golf.
2.   Get to shop online all over the world at the most exclusive, top boutiques with just the push of a button (and have your accountant take care of the bills).
3.   Can travel anytime, anywhere all over the globe—and in comfort flying only first class or by private jet.  (Even if you don’t have your own, having a share in a private jet is also a plus and always worth it!)
4.   Can decide to purchase a yacht on a whim.
5.   All the invitations to fabulous, fun debutante parties, elegant galas, and important social events year round (and each coming with an endless stream of mega rich, handsome escorts).
6.   Special club privileges that come along with joining exclusive clubs and resorts at beautiful, private places all over the world.
7.   Gain access to very interesting people from all over the globe (and from all walks of life).
8.   Can go to the best spas and salons as often as you want (and have your hair as long and thick as you want).
9.   Stunning fine jewelry and couture gowns (both of which you can create a large collection of to feel like a true princess anytime!).
10. Designer shoes and handbags (that can change daily, if desired).

Want to be a T.O.P. for a night?  Have your book club do a themed “T.O.P. Champagne Party” based on Stupid By Choice.  Your group could get together for a night of confessions and declarations that no one will ever forget!  You can serve fine champagne, tasty hors d’oeuvres, and have everyone get the chance to dress up in their latest couture fashions and accessories. Why not have fun—just like a true T.O.P.!  

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  1. Sounds like a fun read! Look forward to getting this one to take on my holiday...