Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Man V, Liver by Neil Hinson

Title; Man V. Liver
Author; Neil Hinson
Source; NetGalley, via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Format; eBook
Publisher; Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date; September 24th 2013

Description; What you would have said had you thought of it last night at the bar.Meet Man: He’s witty, carefree, and probably not sober. He's Dean Martin meets Jack Benny, Don Draper, and Jack Donaghy.  He imparts upon readers his clever, unabashed musings of romance, party culture, and bachelorhood. The life of the party, the collected contemplations in Man v. Liver will amuse and inform aspiring connoisseurs of class.

In Man v. Liver, Man expels his alcohol-fueled wisdom to all who yearn to encapsulate themselves in a life of forgotten nights and fine tailored suits––which, as he will tell you, are handy to sleep in if you wish to be the best dressed at breakfast.

Man v. Liver is a collection of witty musings accompanied by their creator: a roughly sketched, style-conscious bachelor who’s never short on quips aimed at fellow party guests, dates, and, of course, his beloved liver.
Goodreads Average Rating; 2.00*s
My Rating; 2*s
Recommended? Nope.

My Review; Man V. Liver is a very short book. To be honest the book seems...pretty pointless. This is one man's "alcohol-fuelled wisdom" shown as little comic squares.

Sure, a few of there...made me laugh a little bit. Mostly...I just...didn't see the point. The book might be good for friends who like to drink or party. Maybe. Otherwise...probably not worth it.

The hardcover is 104 pages... It felt like there was 50 pages or even less when I read it. I read the book in all of 10 minutes. I just...don't know how to explain how I felt about it other than I thought it was pretty pointless.

Most of them, the sayings and such, were just...silly. Maybe one should read the book whilst drunk. Maybe it just wasn't for me. Maybe it's just a silly and pointless little book. I wish I liked it more, but I didn't.

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