Monday, 11 February 2013

On My Kindle #1 (A new weekly event)

On My Kindle is going to be a weekly event where I will list the new titles I have downloaded on to my Kindle that week. I will list the price that I paid for each title (if it says Edelweiss or NetGalley next to the title, then I got that book from that site for review) and if I have read it I will also post my rating and a link to my review, if I have reviewed the title.
As this is the first week, and I have over 600 titles on my Kindle, I will only be posting those that I have downloaded this week. So, any titles that were downloaded prior to the 3rd of February will not be featured, because that would take me about a year.
All of these titles were purchased from Amazon UK.
This will be heavy on the free books, if a book's free I always feel like I have to give it a chance. Besides, who doesn't love a free book?
I will include the date I downloaded the book as well just in case you would like to request the title on NetGalley or Edelweiss, or in case you'd like to see if the book is still free.

This Week On My Kindle (3rd to the 10th of February 2013);
- By Chance (Courtland Chronicles #1) by Cat Grant - £0.00 - 10th Feb
- The Godling Chronicles: Book One (The Sword of Truth) by Brian D. Anderson - NetGally - 10th Feb
- Love Unscripted by Tina Reber - NetGalley - 9th Feb
- Unwanted Woman by Simon Smith-Wilson - £0.00 - 8th Feb
- Academically Horny by Chris Johns - £0.00 - 8th Feb
- Spring's Fury by Denise Domning - £0.00 - 8th Feb
- What About Us? by Jacqui Henderson - £0.00 - 8th Feb
- When She Was Gone by Gwendolen Gross - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- Love Water Memory by Jennie Shortridge - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- Nice Is Just a Place In France by The Betches - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- It's Hard to Fight Naked by Niecy Nash - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- Courting Greta by Ramsey Hootman - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- Whistling Past The Graveyard by Susan Crandall - Edelweiss - 8th Feb
- Rocked Under by Cora Hawkes - £0.00 - 7th Feb
- Fixer by Gene Doucette - NetGalley - 7th Feb
- Code Red by Amy Noelle - NetGalley - 7th Feb
- A Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon - NetGalley - 7th Feb
- Over The Edge by Suzanne Carroll - NetGalley - 7th Feb
- Blood Flows Deep In The Empire by N. Isabelle Blanco - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- Girls & Monsters by Anne Michaud - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- FLEE by Miranda Kavi - £0.00 - 6th Feb
- A Different Kind of Fairy Tale (Spring Towers) by Morgan Rayne - £0.00 - 6th Feb
- Summer Loving by Rivka Spicer - £0.00 - 6th Feb
- Temptation by Kathryn Barrett - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- Wolf With Benefits (Pride #8) by Shelly Laurenston - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- Promises In Every Star by Todd Gregory - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- The Tease by Nikki M. Pill - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- Another 365 Days by K. E. Payne - NetGalley - 6th Feb
- Wicked Kiss (Nightwatchers #2) by Michelle Rowen - NetGalley - 3rd Feb

So, I have quite a lot to read this week - I might have overdone it on NetGalley and Edelweiss requests...considering I have to review them all... What's on your Kindle (or other e-reader) this week? 

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