Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Heart of a Stripper by Cyndi Harris

Warning; there are spoilers and pissed off ranting throughout this review.

Title; Heart of a Stripper
Author; Cyndi Harris
Source; Paid
Format; Kindle
Publisher; Self published
Publication Date; 14th Feb 2013

“The love that lasts the longest is the love that can never be.” 

For twenty-five year old Mitchell McCallister, that statement never seemed true. Finding the woman he loved happened in a snap, or so he thought. That was, until he found a connection with someone else, in a place he least expected. One kiss was all it took to keep him breathless and wanting more, but falling for a stripper he would never see again seemed foolish.

Being abandoned by her mother and living with her alcoholic father, Nevaeh Sky never really knew what it meant to feel wanted. Moving to a new town still wouldn’t change that, right? Waltzing into the office as a senior transfer to her new high school, Nevaeh is bemused to find the very mysterious stranger who was too shy to make a move on her at her new job. Having Mitchell as her new principal, she’s sure it will cause more harm than good. 

With an impending marriage, Mitchell struggles to keep his distance from Nevaeh, until he finds her beaten and bloody on the school steps. Taking her in and learning her secrets, the explosive forbidden attraction between them leaves Mitchell wavering; not only with her, but in his own life. Determined to save her from the life she’s chosen, Mitchell has no idea his world will never be the same again. 

But will saving Nevaeh be worth destroying everything he’s worked so hard for?

Goodreads Average Rating; 4.57 (From 7 ratings, not including my own)
My Rating; 1* That's right. 1. I did not finish this book, I got to 53%, but then I just could not read any more. 
Would I read anything else by this author? I'd possibly give something a try, but I'd be very reluctant to. 
Would I recommend this book? No, there are probably people out there that would enjoy this book, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 
Who would I recommend it to? No one. 

My Review; I'm glad that this book was on my Kindle, because if I had a physical copy I'm sure I would've throw it across the room. Several times. 

Now, if you know me then you should know that I hate to give bad reviews. I have only ever given a one other one star review before. Even other books that I have not finished tend to get two star reviews because I will try to read them some other time. But this book, it just...infuriated me. 

There are lines like; "Sure, she was strong, but she was still a woman." I mean, this book is written by a woman and it has a sexist line like that in it! Ugh! And that's just the beginning.

So apparently, or at least according to Mitchell, Nevaeh must only like him because she has "daddy issues." 

So, can a younger woman not like an older man without having "daddy issues" now? 

What is this?

This book is over dramatic, predictable, disappointing and infuriating. 

I bought this book on the day it was released because I love teacher/student books. Don't know why, just do. Maybe it's the whole "forbidden" thing. 
I read the description of this book and was thinking "yeah, this book could be for me." 
It wasn't. 

When I started reading this book my sister asked me what was wrong, because I was sighing and rolling my eyes so damn much! 

I really wanted to like this book, I really did, and I feel like I'm being a bitch to the author for writing this rant/review, but this is simply my opinion on the book, and I only write honest reviews. 

Okay, the characters. Each and every character annoyed me in some way or another. 
Kaitlin (was that her name?) Oh God, what a BITCH! And I actually predicted stuff that happened with her. (SPOILER; she was sleeping with his father, but that was just so obvious to me.) She was over dramatic, whiny, stereotypical. 
His dad was an utter prick! Ugh, just because you're rich doesn't mean you have to be such a bastard. 
Adam kind of kept contradicting himself. And he was probably the most likeable character. 
Mitchell, he was okay at times. But I mean, he's all mad at Kate for cheating for months, when he's now doing the same thing, with a STUDENT! Jeez, Mitchell, get a grip!
Nevaeh, she's all innocent at times, and I mean, sure, you can be kind of innocent and be a stripper, but she was too innocent for her life experience. And then suddenly she's no longer a virgin and she's in his office trying to have sex. It's like she suddenly gained libido. Please. So, it was her first time, which, if you ask me, was pretty unrealistic anyway, and then she goes to have a shower straight after, and he joins her and suddenly she wants to go again! Are you kidding me? 

That is all I can say because if I carry on this rant I am going to go crazy.

I'd like to say sorry to the author, you know, just in case this review hurt your feelings and what not, but this book was not for me. Don't be discouraged though, I'm sure there's someone out there that will love your work. 

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