Sunday, 25 January 2015

For the Love of Cake by Erin Dutton

Title; For the Love of Cake
Author; Erin Dutton
Publisher; Bold Strokes Books
Publication Date; 17th Feb 2015
Source; Netgalley
Rating; 5*s
Maya Vaughn, the hottest young pastry chef to emerge from the reality television machine, enjoys spending time with men and women alike. When she takes a turn as a judge on the very show that launched her career, she expects to find a nice change of scenery and a little diversion.

A late-bloomer at forty-two years old, Shannon Hayes is finally on the precipice of achieving her dreams. She has one shot to prove she can compete with chefs half her age with much more experience. Engaging in a fling with a judge fourteen years her junior would almost certainly kill that chance.

Review; This was my first book by Erin Dutton, but I highly doubt it will be my last. Having been in a major, and I mean major, reading slump lately when I picked up this , though I loved the idea of it, I doubted I would get awfully far. Well I was wrong, I finished the book with in a matter of days and I loved it.
I am a sucker for romance books and so called chick lit, I can't get enough. Now when that romance book is LGBTQIA plus, especially when it involves lady love, well colour me smitten. Of course, I don't just fall for any queer romance. This one however was perfect for me.
I love baking and decorating baked goods. And having recently started a diet, I miss. This book made me nostalgic, it made me want to bake so bad, even though I know I can't. So baking being a part of the book, especially it being centred around a baking comp, well, that just made the book better for me.
The characters were great and the book was an easy read that kept me coming back. I would love to read more about any of these characters and can't wait to read more by this author. Any author that can get me out of a reading slump is a good author in my books. Definitely recommend.

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  1. Thanks for the great review! Glad you liked it. And I know what you mean by a reading slump.
    ---Erin Dutton