Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Yes, this is a cause for that much excitement. At least it is in my eyes. Because I am about to start reading... UNBEAUTIFULLY BY MADELINE SHEEHAN!!!!!!!

So, at the end of last month I read and reviewed Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. That was the first book in this series and I just could not wait for its sequel, which is about a different couple, but I just couldn't wait anyway. The release date was June 5th, but Unbeautifully went live yesterday! That's almost an entire month early, and I was squeeing with excitement, but I had to finish the book I was currently reading first.

About an hour ago I finished that book and prepared the review for the Blog Tour post that's coming on the 18th of May and now I can join everyone in reading Unbeautifully!

I keep on seeing updates on Goodreads and getting jealous, but now I am jealous no more!

Oh, this book is so going to kill me on the inside. It'll be a slow painful death. But I will also love it.

If you have not read this series (so far) yet then you need to seriously read. But you also need to read the warnings and take them into consideration.

This was a pointless post of book nerding bought to you by a squeeing book nerd.

(P.S. I will probably review the book when I'm done, so look out for that soon!)

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