Monday, 22 April 2013

Karina Halle - Gushing Over Authors...

Okay, so earlier this year I read my first Karina Halle book. I had been meaning to read her Experiment in Terror series for a while, the first one had been sitting on my kindle for a few months.
The first book I read of hers was actually Sins & Needles. There was so much hype and love for this book that I had to read the synopsis, and then I had to have the book.
Sins & Needles easily got five stars from me. I didn't write a review though... Maybe I felt there were too many reviews at the time and that mine wasn't needed (although all reviews are important,) or maybe I just couldn't be bothered. I don't know.
The point is, this book, Sins & Needles, made me bump Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) up my to read list and I read it a few days later... I've never read a book quite like it. Not in its genre, or writing style... Darkhouse also got five stars from me.
As did Red Fox, which I started almost instantly after. As did Dead Sky Morning. As did Lying Season (which I just finished.)

I just, I want to squee. I feel like I've stumbled upon an amazing author and she has already made it onto my auto-buy and favourite-author lists. This woman is amazing!

I have never read any horror before this (EiT)...and wow, this certainly makes my heart beat just freaks me out sometimes. Especially when I stay up to carry on reading. But this series also makes me laugh on occasion, it makes me smile, and oh gosh, I have just fallen in love with Perry and Dex.

Now, this is a big thing for me to say, what I'm about to say, but... I think that if I could only read one author's books for the rest of my life, just one author, that it could well be Karina Halle's books that I choose to read. (And that really is saying something considering how much I love some other authors, like John Green and such.)
There is just always something new with her books. There is just something about her writing.
The Experiment in Terror series just gets better the further we dive into it!

If you are looking for something new to read, or maybe looking for some free books because you're low on money lately, then I urge you to read the Experiment in Terror series. (Even if you don't have a Kindle there are some FREE apps, for your phone, computer, or tablet. I used to use the computer app before I bought myself a kindle earlier this year.)

Okay, okay, I think that might be enough gushing for now (it will never be enough!), I'm going to try and write some reviews for you to read, rather than just a post of my love for an author. Whose books I will eventually buy in paperback because owning them on my kindle is just not enough!

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