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Temptation by Selena Kitt

This review will consist of (mostly) just the review. I'm not going to give a whole lot of info about the book. Like I usually would.

Title; Temptation
Author; Selena Kitt (She is one of my favourite authors)
Series; Under Mr Nolan's Bed, book one
Source; Amazon, was free at the time.
Format; Kindle
Publication Date; March 25th 2013
Description; “Lead us not into temptation…”

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend’s father?

Leah is a good, Catholic girl, and she and Erica have been best friends since their first communion. Sure, Erica’s father is handsome and charming, but Leah spends so much time at the Nolan’s—just Erica and her famous, photographer father now, since Erica’s mother died—that she’s practically part of the family.

Both girls have led privileged, sheltered lives and are on the “good girl” track at St. Mary Magdalene’s Preparatory College, Leah pursuing her love of dance and Erica sating her endless curiosity as editor of the newspaper. Neither of them could have ever imagined that one fateful discovery will not only push the boundaries of their strict, repressive upbringing, but the bonds of their friendship as well.

Leah certainly never could have imagined finding herself torn between her best friend and her best friend’s father. Sure, Leah’s mother had always talked about Mr. Nolan as “a catch,” but Leah herself had never thought of him as anything other than just Erica’s dad—until the girls discover something darkly erotic under Mr. Nolan’s bed, a deep, shameful secret that will not only lead them into temptation, but will deliver them into a far greater revelation than any of them could ever have imagined.

If you read the original Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed, you will find this retelling a richer experience with deeper secrets to reveal—and don’t miss Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed: CONFESSIONS, the second installment in the three-part series!

Word Count: 75,000

Review; Real Rating; 4.5*s.

I have read three versions of this book so far. I read Under Mr Nolan's Bed (Revised) last year, and earlier this year I read Under Mr Nolan's Bed (Original).
So far, this one seems to be my favourite.

Well, it's written better for a start. Or it seems to be anyway.

There is still the taboo factor, but it is not as bad as the original Under Mr Nolan's Bed. It is not...quite as shocking.
Okay, so it will still be a MAJOR shock if you have not read the Original Under Mr Nolan's Bed, or maybe some spoilers for it...

ACTUAL SPOILERS ARE HERE, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE ORIGINAL UNDER MR NOLAN'S BED; You know, I always think of the father/daughter thing within Leah and Mr. Nolan's relationship, when all is revealed, but I just realised yesterday that...Erica is her sister too... She really does like to keep it in the family. I'm sorry, I just had to say that.

I'm actually quite glad that Selena Kitt released these books as a trilogy. I've wanted to know more about the book and where things went from there for a rather long time now. And now I finally get to do that. Once my book buying ban is over, or I decide to break it. Which is very likely for this book's sequel.

I'd recommend this book to fans of Selena Kitt, those who liked, or could at least bear the original Mr Nolan story. And I'd also recommend it to those who know they can handle their taboo.

Can't wait to find out what happens in the sequel! :)

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